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Reliable and Entertaining Smart TV Setup

What’s better than easily watching your favorite show on television without ever worrying about it

not working! If you are searching for a reliable smart TV setup, then all you need is TechTakodah!

We are right here to help. Our professional technicians are fast and can help you get the most out of

your smart television. Get in touch with a company who is highly experienced and ensures 100%

customer satisfaction. Call us today at (717) 503-6970 and let us connect your Smart TV with all the

popular apps and we’ll have you on Netflix, Amazon, or YouTube right away!

How can we help?


  1. We can connect your TV to the internet easily
  2. Install and setup speakers or soundbar for HD Audio and surround sound
  3. Ensure your Smart TV has a strong internet connection for HD streaming
  4. Install popular applications like Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, Hulu, and much more
  5. On-time, fast, and reliable service for an affordable price

After we are done with our setup, we will give you training on how to use it, in order to leave you tech-confident with your new system. Get in touch with us if you want an ultra-high-quality sound and home theatre experience today. We want you and your guests to be amazed by your entertainment.

Why choose us?

  • All our technicians are professionals, and we are appropriately trained for this service. We aim to leave you with a system that’s guaranteed to be reliable.
  • Our business is focused solely on making our visit enjoyable and leaving you 100% satisfied.

No hidden fee’s or charges. No contracts. Call today to get started!

TechTakodah promises to listen to your needs. Tell us when you want us, and we’ll be there on time.